February selection 2020

Press review of February 2020: Sopra HR would like to invite you to discover a selection of articles on various topics: the rise of internal recruitment, leadership challenges, organizations’ digital transformation and much more.

The Future of Work: Lessons In Job Architecture and Career Management

Josh Bersin | February 9, 2020 

Drawing on his personal experience and on recent studies, Josh Bersin points out that the vast majority of organizations now focus on internal recruitment. Companies with active career management programs have higher retention rates. This is the future of work. But how do you actually build a program and solution for internal career management that works? Discover here…

Every Leader Needs to Navigate These 7 Tensions

Jennifer Jordan, Michael Wade and Elizabeth Teracino | February 20, 2020 

In this article from Harvard Business Review, the authors reveal 7 tensions that illustrate the challenge of balancing two leadership approaches: the traditional leadership style and the new one that is emerging. Read more…

People transformation with a disruptive mindset

Jason Averbook | February 4, 2020 

Today, companies are competing in speed and agility to meet customer expectations. According to the HBR, 97% of organizations are currently undertaking or planning to engage in digital transformation initiatives, hoping to increase efficiency and improve customer experience. Discover 3 ways to create a disruptive mindset that allows digital transformation…