Working methods for new generations of employees : hyper-connection, in ATAWAD mode

In the professional life/area, one of the most important trends is the exponential increase of mobile tools: laptops, tablets, mobiles…. For the first generation born in a digital world, grown up with internet, technoloy is written in DNA! Gen Y, Millenials, Digital Natives, WE-I generation, some names for those born between 1980 and 2000, 15-34 years old. Around 16 million of people in France (Source:INSEE), 25% of the French people and will represent the half of the working French population in 2020!

We observe that many individuals of the previous generation (generation X) have followed the trend and become as addicted to technology. So we are more and more talking about C generation for ‘Connected’, which is not characterized by a belonging to an age group affiliation but by extreme dependency on technology. Daily hyper-connected in their personal environment and their private life, they want to adopt the same lifestyle at work. They have set their expectations very high: they want to be able to communicate ‘ATAWAD’ (any time, anywhere and from any devices) and it does not stop at company gates. Prohibiting Internet, texting and social networks access will be a waste of time and a useless fight for the company. Quite the opposite, the company must take these trends into account and adapt to these new expectations and uses, supporting the digital transformation of the organization as a whole.

For the C generation, the traditional split between business and personal life is disrupted. The ‘work schedule’ concepts as well as ‘workplace’ are being redefined … For an employee, the workspace can now vary between office, home or a third alternative called ‘third place’…

However, for this connected or hyper-connected generation, businesses and frontline HR representatives will make sure to provide an ‘off button’ or the right to have logout times.

To support these transformations, information accessibility has become a major issue. The C generation expects 24/7 availability, a possible access from any location and any device used (ATAWAD), often including personal devices (summarized by BYOD = Bring Your Own Device).

It is also known that a good quality of the User Experience has become a must. The challenge is to allow these employees to benefit from a user experience as convenient and effective as in personal context, to promote the adoption and to foster a daily use.

In addition, it is a fact that the list of access devices/media will increase as we move further into the Internet of Things. Hence the use of new types of individual supports such as connected watches, glasses… And beyond individual carriers, the use of new ‘shared’ media available in all self-service collective spaces…

Gradually, these ATAWAD connection uses are moving in the field of Human Resources. One of the first areas was the recruitment field. The C generation mostly uses mobile devices to search for jobs, to send a resume online and to interact with job boards via forms, instant messaging or video platforms such as ‘Skype’, YouTube in complete fluidity and transparency.

This trend is accelerating and moves towards other HR areas and management applications, for general management, learning and talent management and in order to promote immediate access, anywhere, anytime… the use of new approaches such as ‘gamification’ or ‘serious games’ is preferred.