November selection 2019

Press review of November 2019: Sopra HR would like to invite you to discover a selection of articles focused on talent and HR management.

Which parts of employee experience really matter most?

Josh Bersin | November 6, 2019

Enlightened on the growing trend that is Employee Experience, thanks to his experience and research, Josh Bersin explains to us what really matters when perfecting a strategy for employee happiness. Based on Willis Towers Watson recent study, he manages to cleverly advocate his idea and support it with numbers and facts. What if all it took was a return to basics? Discover here…

What 3 activities should HR focus on to maximize customer & shareholder value?

Wayne Brockbank | October 28, 2019

In this article, the author delivers us an interesting HR perspective, going against the current general consensus. Supporting his theory with a study conducted by the University of Michigan, Wayne Brockbank points out 3 practices that divert HR departments from ‘best’ strategies. He then concludes on 3 key steps to apply in the future. Read here…

How to develop a talent pipeline for your digital transformation

Jeff Kavanaugh and Ravi Kumar S. | November 27, 2019

What if it was better to hire based on potential rather than technical competency? In this article, Jeff Kavanaugh and Ravi Kumar S. teach us that, despite popular belief, companies with the strongest talent pipelines aren’t those favouring prestigious school graduates. Read more…