October Selection 2019

Press review of October 2019: Sopra HR would like to invite you to discover some management and HR specialists’ perceptions regarding leadership, recruitment and change management.

Ghost Busting

Marta Chmielowicz | September 19, 2019

Ghosting has become well-known practice in the dating area and is increasingly present in the business scene, especially amongst candidates. What are the reasons and what could be the consequences for the companies? Discover here…


Build Vs. Buy: The Days Of Hiring Scarce Technical Skills Are Over

Josh Bersin | October 23, 2019

What is the best approach to adopt for a business: acquire new talents or build from within? For many years managers have opted for the first option but what if it was not the right one? Based on a recent study on companies’ performance, Josh Bersin reveals some interesting insights. Learn more…


The Role of a Manager Has to Change in 5 Key Ways

Joseph Pistrui and Dimo Dimov | October 26, 2018

Change implies adaptation. This is especially true in a constantly evolving work environment. In this article, Professors Pistrui and Dimov, Entrepreneurship Specialists, outline 5 key ways to a more humane and effective management. Read more…