September Selection 2020

Press review of September 2020: Sopra HR would like to invite you to discover a selection of HR articles focused on digital transformation, employee experience and the importance of belonging for your company.

Why Belonging Is Such A Big Issue In Business Today

Josh Bersin | August 31, 2020

The feeling of being left out can have serious consequences for a business. Josh Bersin explains in this article that when a person feels excluded, they experience stress, anger, distrust and anxiety. This results in a rise in turnover and results in an underperforming company. Discover his tips to develop the feeling of belonging…

The Remote Workplace Needs Recognition Rituals Too

Nate Dvorak and Ryan Pendell | September 10, 2020

For employees working on site, recognition rituals by their manager can be the highlight of their week. But for teleworking employees, these rituals in the workplace do not exist, this can generate negative feelings such as feeling ignored or forgotten. The authors sugget some recommendations to celebrate your employees…

How to Harness the Digital Transformation of the Covid Era

Federica Saliola and Asif M. Islam | September 24, 2020

 The declining costs of machines threaten low-skilled jobs and routine tasks, even more so since the acceleration of digital transformation in the Covid-19 era. As a result, fears of AI-induced unemployment are on the rise. Yet the authors remind us that technology can also create jobs. Read more about their forecasts and managerial recommendations…