September Selection 2019

Press review of September 2019 : This fall, Sopra HR would like to invite you to discover some HR expert analysts’ thoughts on the tricky search for work-life balance, versatility in your professional skillset and the human capital’s place within the digital transformation.


The skills of the future are now clear: and despite what you think, they’re not technical

Josh Bersin | September 08, 2019

Following the release of an IBM study on the abilities tracked down by business leaders, Josh Bersin bounces back on the much pressing need for candidates adequately trained in behavioral skills. This article provides an analysis of the impact of these social and “soft skills” on performance, even in the most technical activities, and their place and status within your skillset. Read more…


Let’s rethink human capital management

Jason Averbook | September 19, 2019

Thought leader and HR consultant Jason Averbook shares his thoughts on the digital change and the installation of a digital mindset to be able to tackle this transformation properly. Despite being a technological process, this reflection brings us back to the hows and whys its management remains human-centered. Learn more…


Balancing the 3 types of work-life balance

Kris Dunn | September 20, 2019

A quick health break to start this new school year with a short assessment on the much pursued work-life balance. Come and discover Chief Human Ressources officer Kris Dunn advices and recommendations on the various types of work-life balances you should aim for, you can reach and how suitable you might find them for each individual personal situation. Discover here…